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Theft Insurance Claims at Christmas

It’s that time of year. The clocks have been put back an hour, darkness creeps up sooner and there is less light all round. The darkness can be magical and exciting. Exciting for thieves too, as they recognise this time of year as an opportunity.  Under cover of darkness there are easier pickings – especially where households are left so obviously unprotected.  Even better if discarded packaging is left on show outside, signalling the newly purchased goodies that lie within.Don’t give the impulsive thief any ideas by advertising that state-of-the art 4k wide-screen TV you’ve just brought home, ready to show off every blade of grass of your favourite football turf – that electronic wonder window you have just bought in preparation for a cosy Christmas of soaps and festive films.

Make sure you give some thought to all necessary precautions to avoid being the target for thieves after Christmas.  For example, recycling boxes filled with booklets, guarantees and packaging that that tell thieves exactly what Santa has just delivered is an obvious no-no.

Be careful to look at your insurance policy and make sure that your cover is up to date and adequate.  Some insurance policies automatically provide for an increase in value in the run up and aftermath of the festive season. If you are unfortunate enough to fall victim to a theft claim, you must report it to the Police immediately and give a thought to appointing your own Insurance Claims Assessor to look after your interests when making the inevitable insurance claim.  There’s many a slip that can occur that could seriously harm your chances of an adequate settlement – or indeed whether you are paid out at all.

Don’t leave things to chance. Think about ways to prevent the worst happening in the first place – but if you do need to make an insurance claim you must make sure that you have the best representation you deserve and that means the best loss assessor.

If you are going to keep anything safe; keep Truman Associates’ number with your insurance papers.  Don’t be a victim twice and don’t settle for less.

If you need a Loss Assessor; Call Truman Associates 01273 220555 or click here.  On your side, by your side.