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Why Use A Loss Assessor? Part 2

This is the second part in our series of “Why use a Loss Assessor? – Introducing the players”

Ray Truman of Truman Associates says “The first thing to appreciate with insurance claims is: everyone has an agenda. All parties, including the policyholder, have their own objectives and no-one’s ideal outcome is  the same as for any other. Only a Loss Assessor and the Claimant have the same objective in mind – to maximise the settlement”.

Last time we talked about the Insurance Company.  See This time… 

Introducing the Insurance Broker:

The Broker has allegiance to both the policyholder and to the Insurance Company. They depend on both to stay in business. Some do favour the claimant; others take the part of the insurance company. The point is they cannot be totally on the side of the claimant.

The Loss Assessor represents only the best interests of the claimant.