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Flood Alert

Tropical storm Henri, number eight in the current hurricane season has made its move across the Atlantic and is set to lash parts of Britain today. Forecasters are warning of flooding and gale force winds as the remnants of Henri crosses the UK. Flooding causes considerably more costly insurance claims than theft and the affected areas are less predictable than you might think.

Of course, some low lying areas are more vulnerable than others, frequently to be left under water, but when the heavens open you cannot be sure who, or where will get the worst of it in any large scale incident. And if a whole area is affected, it places unprecedented strains on resources such as disaster recovery where essential stripping out, sanitization – even locating a useful dehumidifier that isn’t already on hire to a neighbour is a nightmare. And when the specified works are eventually done, you would wish to employ a competent, vetted and experienced contractor. It was Lewes in 2000, Evesham, Tewkesbury etc in 2007 and we all remember 2012 when several parts of the country were inundated.

Insurance companies and their Loss Adjusters have developed systems to cope with large scale disasters but they can never cater to each individual who has his whole life wrapped up in his home and possessions. Whereas Insurance Companies like to take over and control the whole process; deploying their network of subscribed contractors etc., remember that such outfits are contracted to the Insurance Company and they are not accountable to you, the homeowner! Claimants often feel alone and vulnerable, waiting for attention and not getting anywhere. Then there is the hassle of having to argue over the small print, where the Loss Adjusters and Insurers are well versed in the ‘terms and conditions’ whilst the often naive policyholder is left to fight on an emotional level.

A policyholder has the right to appoint a Loss Assessor (as distinct from a Loss Adjuster, who works for the insurer), to act for them, on their behalf. Your Loss Assessor is responsible to you and can organise the necessary Disaster Recovery actions after the incident, any emergency works to secure and make safe and to organise professional Surveyors, Engineers, and Building Contractors – and in the case of businesses, Accountants.  Your Loss Assessor co-ordinates the measurement, preparation and submission of your claim and argues the case on your behalf and with your best interests at heart.