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Holiday Horrors

How many of us are so keen to share our delight to be on our holidays that we post check-ins at restaurants, hotels, or posting selfies, vids or blogs of us enjoying ourselves? Think twice. Such announcements may not only reach our friends and acquaintances, but also burglars on the lookout for easy pickings. Worse, some insurance firms check their customers’ social media accounts after a break-in to see if they announced that they wouldn’t be at home and this may be just the excuse for them to not pay out. Policyholders are required to take ‘reasonable care’ to protect their property. You could end up being ‘mugged’ twice! If you do get a buzz out of announcing to the world where you’ve been and what you’ve got up to, maybe it is better to post those delightful and endearing memories after you get back? If you do happen to return from the holiday of your dreams to the nightmare of a break-in you might appreciate the care and understanding of your own Loss Assessor to look after your best interests when it comes to making a claim